Is Six Month Smiles for you?

The ideal Six Month Smiles patient is an adult who is interested in correcting their front teeth misalignment. Front teeth because of their single roots can move quickly and safely as oppose to multi-rooted back teeth. If the back teeth are required to move, then traditional orthodontics may be a better option. Usually within a timeframe of about 5 to 8 months, 90% of the cosmetic effect desired can be achieved with short-term orthodontics.

Prior to short-term orthodontics, the only option adults had to improve their smiles without undergoing traditional orthodontics was veneers. While veneers can provide a wonderful option in correcting defects or imperfections associated with front teeth, such as severe discolorations, sometimes it is not the best option when fixing crooked teeth. Placing a veneer oftentimes requires removing healthy tooth structure thereby making it an irreversible procedure. If your teeth are attractive, not chipped or discolored and are just crooked or misaligned, then Six Month Smiles would be a much healthier option. If, on the other hand, the front teeth are not only crooked, but also unattractive, then a combination of veneers plus Six Month Smiles would be a great option.

We also offer invisible aligners in conjunction with Six Month Smiles clear braces to help you discretely and quickly correct your misaligned smile. For information on either Six Month Smiles Clear Braces or Invisible Aligners, please visit